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Ball of Love is a short film about a girl who feels out of place, torn between societies illusions and her soul. She escapes from her daily life into a magical forest.

She makes herself a sanctuary, where streams pour crystal clean water and the air is fresh. But her mind won’t release its hold on her, Through flashes of wars, natural disasters, and the suffering on Planet Earth. She unravels her fears that either things will change for the better or they will get worse.

But along comes a fox who offers her a “Ball of Love”. He tells her to bury it in the Earth. In her dream she recalls the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and then is visited by fantastical forest creatures with magical powers who give her gifts of strength, courage, peace, happiness, wisdom and love. She begins to feel whole again and awakens to understanding that we are all connected. Knowing that love is the answer,she returns to the world to change things instead of giving up on it and herself.

The questions she asks the Universe are answered when she opens her heart. She then understands that the world is fragile, like she is. Discovering the answer to the meaning of life. Everything together is purely ONE and the journey is the beauty of it all.


ball of love flyer tambonationDirected by Paul Isaac
Written by Tamara Aida Diaz & Paul Isaac
Starring Tamara Aida Diaz & Paul Isaac
Shot by Paul Isaac on an iphone
Post Editing by Rodrigo Diaz and Hugo Torres
Produced by Mad Music Consulting
Music by People from Venus:
“Zeir Anpin”
“Life Source”
PFV “Kite” remix by Brett Thorngren
“Something Beautiful” PFV, Gerson Lima
“Warrior Punk” Gerson Lima & Paul Isaac
72 Meditations by Gerson Lima
Piano Sonata by Manolo Diaz and Tamara Aida Diaz

Poem “Emotionally we’re both in it” by Paul Isaac
Poem “Sunburst” by Tamara Aida Diaz
Declaration of Human Rights excerpt


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